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Welcome We provide Web Design, Development, Hosting & Maintenance

Market your products, distribute your information, share your story.

We provide simple, strong and secure platforms for your products & services. We cater to those who are new to the internet, who feel left behind, and even those who feel they can’t afford or even understand web sites. We strongly believe in educating our customers.

Who are we? We are old fashioned web geeks (eccentrics) that fill the gap between people who love print media, and those - who live the electronic revolution!

Welcome to Pro Spirit Web.

Gregory S. Gordon
Proprietor, Developer

Pro Spirit
Business & Institutional Web Development
Koinonia, 2nd Floor
#23 Roebuck Street, Bridgetown
St. Michael, BARBADOS.
Tel 246 839 5223



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For Business Market Your products & Services

When you market your products and services via the internet, your advertising is accessible for a longer period of time, and - you can potentially reach a wider audience. You may still continue to use other forms of advertising like print, television, radio & emails, but with the secondary motive of driving persons to your web site.

Then on your web site, you may have a lot more information than could have fitted into any of the previously mentioned advertising methods. Your (potential) clients will be able to access your product data at their leisure, and can more easily recommend you to their colleagues. If you request the use of a Content Management System with your web site, you can do the updates yourself.


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Organisations corporations & institutions

Managing the collection and distribution of information electronically (via application forms, registration forms, brochures, newsletters, blogs, and contact forms) can greatly reduce telephone calls and visits to your organisation for simple matters. You may use these methods to supplement your interaction with your users but not to replace this collaboration, as not every one is computer savvy.

Non-Profits Churches & Religion

Knowledge Management can be a challenge in non-profit organisations and particularly churches. This can be from the perspective of having volunteers that grow in knowledge and skill within your organisation and then having to be "no longer with the organisation", before documenting processes and learnt data.

We offer various Document Management, Online Backup, Collaboration, Mailing Lists & Newsletter web software for your organisation to maintain proper documentation.


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For Governmentconnect with your constituents

Let your constituents know what’s being done ....

Projects, Communities reaching the community, developing the nation

Notify and get feedback from your constituents concerning building projects, special programmes and the general development of their community. Retain the constant interest and involvement of your supporters by being connected to them not only on a social platform (like face book & twitter) but also on a corporate platform like your own constituency web site.

Departments, Offices service & efficiency

  • Access to requirements listings & application forms for licenses & permits.
  • For Public Transport,
  • Customs & Immigration,
  • Health & Safety,
  • Education & Examination
  • ... and many more.



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Personal single page, blog, portfolio page

You can take this one personally. Purchase a web page or build your own web site with the tools we give you. Either way you can be up and running in a few hours.

Have your personal web page, blog or portfolio page, whether you are self-employed, a hobbyist or because you just like yourself. It’s just for you!